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With the support of a well balanced curriculum, we have created a secure and comfortable environment where children can explore their creativity freely. We provide day care, playschool, KG, After school activities and many other programs that can enrich your child's overall development.

Young children are active and are natural learners. They are constantly learning through observing, exploring, discovering, investigating, imagining and sharing. Children are inquisitive by nature. Young children are naturally intrigued by the world around them. Learning through innovative play encourages critical thinking abilities and continually stimulates the children's natural curiosity that fuels their enthusiasm for learning.

We aim to make it happen through our belief in .........

T   ogether

E   veryone

A   chieve

M   ore


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Raindrops :
Raindrops has been serving the Preschool community since 2009. We specialize in Daycare, Play school, After school and many other programs that are enriching to your child. At this site, you will discover all about our Play school, daycare and after school services, as well as our courteous and resourceful staff.

Summer Camp:
Keep your kids engaged and occupied throughout the summer holidays this year. Engage them in the activities which they enjoy and at the same time help them to develop their capabilities. We at Raindrops conduct Summer Camps to help you in that areas. We have been carrying out camps for kids for the age group of 3 to 12 years successfully for the last 8 years. We do a variety of activities such as : YOGA :
To find the inner peace and to enhance concentration Creative Writing :
To enhance their imagination Personality Development :
Mainly to initiate public speaking Drama Sessions :
To conquer their stage fright and have fun and much more along with indoor and outdoor games like "Treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, etc.

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