Our Vision

We believe in the holistic development of the child and our programme is tailored to draw out the full potential of our students in every aspects. Our teachers are handpicked and trained to facilitate the learning experience and to help create positive childhood experiences, attitudes and interactions in a loving, responsive and stimulating learning environment.

Raindrops echoes with laughter, cries, songs, the pitter-patter of tiny feet and the shrill of excitement of happy children.

Our students love coming to school and they love playing with their friends and being with their teachers. You can see it on their faces and you can hear it in their exciting voices when you walk into one of our class rooms. We believe there is no other space that is more vibrant, with children having the time of their lives, where nothing else matters more than having loads of fun.

We strive to work with the parents and the community for the benefit of our children. Our goal is to develop an environment where the children can feel safe, are happy to come to school, are enthusiastic about learning, and are successful in their efforts.

We would like them to have a variety of experiences and opportunities to showcase their abilities

The vision is for the play school to be a happy, safe, and loving environment providing the highest quality care possible to preschool-aged children. Rather than simply operating a day care, we envision a facility where education, including personal development, is an essential component of the preschool where the children we teach will reach their full potential in readiness for school.


We encourage children to:

* Develop lively and enquiring minds

* Acquire the ability to argue and question rationally

* Stimulate curiosity and promote learning

* Develop and enhance language ability

* Encourage creativity and ingenuity

* Improve fine and gross motor skills

* Teach freedom with responsibility

* Decrease stress through physical activity

* Educate the kids to care for the environment

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News & Events

Covid 19 Arrangements:
Raindrops is starting classes from 8th of June. Now find classroom experience at home.


* Live & Recorded classes for any time access.

* Animated & Live rhymes.

* Library time.

* Story telling.

* And lots of interesting individual & Joint activities with parents...

* Regular classes to resume as soon as we can.

* Let your kid Enjoy our classes at home.

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