We can Offer

  • High quality teaching and learning

  • A range of activities including Art, Drama, Football, Games, etc.

  • The chance to learn English language

  • Excellent computer and IT facilities

  • Healthy & nutritious breakfast, lunch and evening snacks planned by a dietician to meet a child’s daily requirements of nutrition

  • Routine medical check-up

  • The biggest library of imported books

  • A vast collection of imported toys, games and activities to suit all age groups

  • Access to a full, enriched and creative curriculum based on UK DLC

  • The opportunity to learn to play a range of musical instruments.

  • CCTV coverage for Safety and happiness throughout their time in school

  • The chance to flourish, develop and grow in a friendly and caring atmosphere

  • Excellent relationships between home and school. Pick up and drop off facility at extra cost

  • Support and praise for all their achievements

  • Dedicated, compassionate staff who are always willing to listen

  • The chance to succeed, whatever their level of ability

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News & Events

Covid 19 Arrangements:
Raindrops is starting classes from 8th of June. Now find classroom experience at home.


* Live & Recorded classes for any time access.

* Animated & Live rhymes.

* Library time.

* Story telling.

* And lots of interesting individual & Joint activities with parents...

* Regular classes to resume as soon as we can.

* Let your kid Enjoy our classes at home.

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